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Not too long ago, the jQuery team released jQuery Mobile 1.2. This new release has some fantastic changes! In this article, were going to review some of the new widgets available to developers, take a look at changes made to existing widgets, and glance over a few impactful enhancements that could affect your jQuery Mobile application. Lets get started, shall we?

Firstly, well need to download the bits and bytes. Head over to the jQuery Mobile download page and download the option that best meets your needs. Alternately you can just use the boilerplate code provided below.

Additionally, now might be a good time to quickly discuss the Download Builder that the jQuery Mobile team is building. Its still in Alpha, but it allows you to customize your download to include only the parts of jQuery Mobile that you require, and nothing more. You can exclude specific events, transitions, form elements, or widgets that you dont care about. Its meant for the developers who are ultra-concerned with grasping the highest level of performance out of his or her application.

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jQuery sorts the problem!

With Internet Explorer not sticking to web standards sometimes it becomes a pain to get your code to show well in all web browsers. I recently has an issue with some css code that ran correctly in all browsers except of course explorer.

The css was simple enough..

#topMenu a:after{content:’|’}

Simple css stuff but not for explorer! Anyway after much messing with various ccs code manipulations I decided to just use jQuery to sort out the issue!

Since jQuery is cross browser compatible I just added  a span tag to the li in the top menu and added..

$(‘#topMenu li span ‘).append(‘|’);

to my utils file and job done! – I love jQuery!

Ben Nadal on jQuery

jQuery has been around a while now but there are still those who are new to it . Ben Nadal released this some time ago but it’s full of useful info for those that are new to jQuery – Check it out!