Creating a Flat-File Blog Engine Using Slim | Nettuts+

In this article, we will learn how to create a flat file blog engine in PHP using the Slim framework. If you don’t understand the jargon, don’t worry. We’re simply going to create a spartan blogging application, which utilizes text files instead of a database to store data.

If you’re a beginner, fret not! We will start with the basics of using Slim. Let’s get started after the jump!

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Aspect-Oriented Programming in PHP | Nettuts+

There’s a new player in town, and he brought new toys: The PHP World welcomes FLOW3, an enterprise application framework written and backed by the community of the TYPO3 CMS. FLOW3 can be used as standalone full-stack framework for your applications. It’s interesting, because it introduces some concepts of software development that haven’t been adapted to PHP before.Among these new concepts is “Aspect Oriented Programming”. We will have a look on the theory of the pattern, and will set up a basic FLOW3 Application and weave in our own aspect!

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