Bootstrap css

The nice people form twitter have released a css framework/grid called bootstrap. I have been playing with it for the last few days and have found it very easy to work with and customise. Saves a lot of work when setting up a new project combine it with boilerplate and you are good to go with html5.

A new machine is needed!

Recently my pc has been having a few issues. Yes it is old, had it around 7 years now and considering it has gone through a few upgrades and has never let me down I can’t complain, it’s been great value for the money I paid to build it. But recently it has started to show it’s age. But it still keeps chugging along and considering it has been on 24/7 (or almost) it owes me nothing and it is probably time to retire it to a more sedentary life.

This got me to researching the next generation machine that will take over the role of my work machine and my social machine.

It will be mainly a work machine for coding/graphics but also has to have the capability to play the online games that I play presently and for those that I may choose to play in the future, which means it has to have the latest spec cpu and gpu wise. This spec in itself limits the choice.

After looking around online and figuring I probably would be better off getting a laptop it limited the choice further. But at least I will have flexibility with the laptop.

So high end graphics, lots of RAM, high end CPU, Large capacity hard disk and a 17″ monitor! Limits the choice even further!

After a couple of weeks I have a short list of two manufacturers, ASUS and Alienware.

Alienware put me off for a few reasons.

  • 1.Price  – Way to expensive for what they are – €2800 for the spec I want!
  • 2.Dell – Alienware is owned by Dell and there after sales service is terrible.
  • 3.Customer feedback – A lot of negative feedback on the website about faulty units on delivery.

So that left ASUS!

I checked out the spec on the G74 SX – exactly the same as the Alienware, but the price was way cheaper €1500! How can laptops with the same spec be €1300 difference in price!

But even then I was not happy about paying €1500 for a laptop. So I researched a little more. The laptops I was looking at are high end gaming machines and way over priced in reality. So I sat and thought about what do I want this thing to do.

I looked around a little more and found another ASUS machine that would suit my needs but was unsure of the graphics capability for gaming. What next? – Youtube!

I checked out the machine on Youtube and found plenty of videos of guys gaming with this laptop in question and no problem playing even the highest spec games. Possibly not all on Ultra settings, but that does not bother me as long as I can get reasonably high frame rates. And for the rest of what I need the machine for it is more than capable!

So what did I decide on?


17.3″ LED-Backlit TFT – 1920 x 1080 Full HD
2nd generation Intel Core i7-2670QM Quad Core – 2.2GHz / Turbo 3.1GHz
Hard Drive
500GB – 7200rpm
Graphics Card
NVIDIA GeForce GT555M – 2GB
Price – €949.00
It just goes to show – A bit of research can save you a lot of money. In this case €1800.

Fetch from Tutsplus!

The guys down at tutsplus continue to kick out great content and also great apps. If you use sublime as your editor you might be interested to know that tutsplus has released a cool new app for the sublime editor called Fetch.

This useful app allows you to download the latest code, whether it be jQuery, your favourite css file or even codeigniter straight into your project!

Check it out at tutsplus.

jQuery sorts the problem!

With Internet Explorer not sticking to web standards sometimes it becomes a pain to get your code to show well in all web browsers. I recently has an issue with some css code that ran correctly in all browsers except of course explorer.

The css was simple enough..

#topMenu a:after{content:’|’}

Simple css stuff but not for explorer! Anyway after much messing with various ccs code manipulations I decided to just use jQuery to sort out the issue!

Since jQuery is cross browser compatible I just added  a span tag to the li in the top menu and added..

$(‘#topMenu li span ‘).append(‘|’);

to my utils file and job done! – I love jQuery!

Codeigniter from scratch

Recently a friend of mine asked me to show them how to build a website! But how can you teach someone with no experience who wants not just a static website but a fully dynamic website.

Not easy to answer, but a start would be to point them towards a framework which is not only very well documented but is pretty easy to learn. Don’t get me wrong php take years to master, but frameworks take the brunt out of most of the coding and allow you to concentrate on what you want to create without having to worry about all the security etc.

Before I even begin to help my friend to start coding the website in question I am going to point her to the tutsplus websites so she can view some great tutorials. The tutsplus websites are excellent with a wide range of subjects covered. But for my purposes considering I am going to be building this website along side my friend the CodeIgniter from scratch series will be the first port of call. This is going to be the starting point for her where she will be able to learn the basics in her own time!

I will continue to post on how the website build goes. Hopefully it will not be to stressful to get it completed!


Codeigniter CRUD

I have been working with Codeigniter for some time now and have I think finally found the solution to CRUD with out having to code it all myself! Grocery CRUD does all the hard work for you, but also allows custom code so you can add to the library yourself. It certainly cuts down development time and along with Ion Auth which after testing and working with other auth libraries I feel is the best one available makes your CMS easy to use and secure.

Ben Nadal on jQuery

jQuery has been around a while now but there are still those who are new to it . Ben Nadal released this some time ago but it’s full of useful info for those that are new to jQuery – Check it out!