On Wptuts+, we talk a lot about how to achieve certain things using WordPress, how to apply practical tips within WordPress projects themselves, but one overlooked area of working with WordPress is bringing aspiring developers up-to-speed on how to quickly get started with building WordPress-based products. Sure, there are a […]

Practical Tips for Aspiring WordPress Developers | Wptuts+

One of the easiest ways to optimize the content of a page is to focus on the images. Most pages contain images, whether they be photographs, illustrations or icons. With a few simple tweaks they can help your ranking and get you some extra visitors. via Optimizing Images for SEO […]

Optimizing Images for SEO | Webdesigntuts+

The WordPress user feature could be confusing for some of us in the beginning. Therefore, to remain effective and efficient, it is paramount to understand the different roles that are available when creating users and defining their capabilities. There are different types of users in WordPress. WordPress offers default roles […]

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Jetpack by WordPress.com is a brilliant plugin which allows you to activate some modules that are ready to use on WP.com blogs. And with its recent release v2.0, they added several very useful modules.In this article, we’re going to go through them. via A Guide on Using New Features of […]

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In this article, we will take a look at the breathtaking landscapes of digital artist Daniel Kvasznicza. Kvasznicza’s work includes stunning natural landscapes and futuristic cities. via The Breathtaking Landscapes of Daniel Kvasznicza | Psdtuts+.

The Breathtaking Landscapes of Daniel Kvasznicza | Psdtuts+

WordPress is pretty powerful but, sometimes, even this robust CMS can fall victim to humans fiddling with the settings and breaking it. This tutorial and screencast looks at the most common way to break WordPress and what you can do about it. via How to Break a WordPress Install (And […]

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Everybody will go photograph holiday decorations this month, but I bet few will think about photographing the period when they’re set up. There are some fantastic images to capture. Let’s take a look! via Quick Tip: Documenting Majestic Holiday Light Installations.

Quick Tip: Documenting Majestic Holiday Light Installations

WordPress 3.5 is about to drop, the 80th version of WordPress to be released since May 2003, it brings with it some changes to help maintain its dominant position as the CMS of choice for bloggers and developers all over the world. There are some obvious changes that we will […]

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We all have our own set of must have plugins we use on every single site. You can find my own personal list of super useful plugins here. Recently I gave Jetpack by WordPress.com a go and was super impressed. A great collection of super useful plugins, widgets and cloud […]

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